Astrology daytrading software?

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  1. Anybody use any of these software packages? What ones? Do they work? Daytrading with the moon phases? What about daytrading with the new moon or the full moon? Waxing moon, waning moon?
  2. Thanks to the stars, I can see the future!
    ...and here it is:

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  4. Wave 59 is supposed to good, if you are into astro trading. Not very expensive either. I just can't buy into astro though.
  5. Wave59 has alot of astro tools that I've used with some degree of success but alot of futures traders swear by astro. Personally I like Wave59 for the flexibility of chart scaling for the application of geometric shapes.

    Amazing how profitable this can be if you do the work.

    Ensign has a few tools for this type analysis(speculation) as well.

    If your looking for a program that unlocks the secrets of the universe and automatically plots the turns for you....
    quit looking, it doesn't exist.

    The ability to lose your ass, however, does exist.


    Save yourself some time and simply learn how to read the tape.

    No noise, no distractions, simply watch the tape until it becomes second nature. After hundreds of hours the repetitive nature of trading instruments will become more predictable as your intuitive skills progress and your FOCUS strengthens.

    Nothing magical or cosmic about that.:)
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    The problem with this is the tape depends on the instrument. Personally I am tired of spending so much time on one instrument, before I am profitable. I look for general methods. Easier said than done.
  7. Agreed, but....I said instrument(s).

    Master one and move to the next; review then repeat.

    Learning curve decreases with time; no shortcuts.

    addeum: Perhaps one shortcut, donate your television to the poor.:p
  8. I tapereade all day long and agree with you that it is a good source of realistic real time info...

    but i find it interesting that you use geometric patterns (sacred geometry?) to discern the unfoldment of a price move..

    which patterns do you integrate and watch for... Ellipses, ?...

    also i have watched full moons and new moons time periods for years and although they do not predict direction they do seem to extend price movements but its only a observation not a rule/law to me...

    i use tapereading to filter out the primary price direction and moon patterns to give me a heads up on extensions to those moves but the tape (down to earth salty realism) trumps the lunar influence...

    the last two extended down days preceded a fixed full moon... but the tape was pretty obvious too...


  9. Today is a full moon. It's Saturday night.
  10. When you say "Save yourself some time and simply learn how to read the tape." What does that mean specifically if I might ask? Are you referring to the DOM on a trading ladder or can one subsribe or get the equivilant to the tape they have on the floor on the big board for a home set up?

    I was watching a video from tradethemarkets and one of the guys appeared to have some form of tape on his monitor, never seen it before though.

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