Astrology and trading (upcoming lunar eclipse)

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  1. I find more action around sunspot activit and coronal events.
  2. funny ... the article refers to crash in mid oct 2005

    well mid oct 2005 in retrospect turned out to be a great spot to buy
    equities and there was no "crash"
  3. crnindia


    I know of so many astrolgers in India who have tried to predict stock markets in last one decade, some of them invested their own money also, all lost their everything.

    "Everything in this world depends on Luck, Ask any Failure"
    This is probably what is motto of astrologers.
  4. Lunar eclipse seems to be working. the markets are down this am.
  5. It should be interesting to see what happens on this Friday...
  6. Speaking of Astrology, the Bradley Siderograph doesn't have any turning points until March 10th, March 20th, April 20th, May 4th, and a more significant turning point on June 14th and also August 26th, with October 17th being THE most important date of all.

    The time around a new moon is bullish, around a full moon bearish. The next new moons are 3/18-19.

    Vienna, Austria
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    I like the black hole. What ever it says, I'll do.