Astrology and magical thinking

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  1. did you foresee the crash of 08? I did. and I can prove it days before the crash started I moved almost all my stock holdings into cash. How I did it is my business, but I can tell you it was not charts or inside talk from some smart or powerful person. It came through my intuition. I got it (intuition) and millions do not. I am not boasting but try to show you how and why you might want to look elsewhere rather than looking at charts day in and day out. They are worthless garbage IMHO.
    Short of developing a sense and near cosmic knowledge that gauge global moves ahead of time the novice cal also try to use Astrology. I believe in the power of financial astrology. Gann did too.
    I have no affiliation with the magi society but supposedly these guys are onto something and they came to the same conclusion as I did via a different venue. Astrology software for the stock and commodity markets.
  2. My condolences on the tragic loss of your mind.
  3. I feel likewise towards yours... ;)
  4. Ordinary people with extraordinary capabilities!

    Heroes among us...haha
  5. Gann used astro to establish a timing matrix for market forcasts. As far as his trading goes, he wanted traders to wait for a definite indication of a change of trend, i.e. a higher low followed by a higher high, and vice versa.

    You do not need software. An ephemeris will do just fine, and that is usually free.
  6. And, I can show you a chart that also predicted the crash of 08. Mainly because it started in October of 07 if you are an adept.

    If you are just a regular Gann style trend follower, you would have gone short in June of 08.
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    where can I get an ephemeris for free? are they little booklets or can I download them off the internet? Thanks
  8. Most here know that already. Very few base tarding on charts. Most use algos. I look at charts to determine what will not happen, not what will happen.

    If you have such abilities, why don't you tell us where the Dow will close this coming Friday?
  9. Procedure:

    1-Wait for the magical gann date (that everyone with a minimum skill can find out in a couple of minutes with google).
    2-Wait for the rush of fools positioning for the move.
    3-Wait for the fools to get hot and bothered.
    4-Buying (or Selling) 1 million contracts against the fools' position is in one word: MAGICAL.

    If you can't do it (trade 1 million lots), wait for the guy that does it and follow him.
  10. I find this all somewhat humorous, but I heard there are financial astrologers in NYC charging $5000 an hour. Apparently just like a human birth chart, they are able to produce a birth chart of a company, I guess IPO date etc.

    I once saw an article in Newsweek, about Laura Day, she charges $10,000 a month. Corporations and hedge funds line up to get her advice, she apparently has a waiting list and supposedly has made over $10 million from this...she however is a psychic not a astrologer....

    i wish I could predict....
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