Astrological Superstition

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  2. Cute how you take selected excerpts to slant.

    Stefan honey, I didn't say I subscribed to such. Merely repsonded to someone else who started a thread.

    Lunacy? Ask any sailor about lunar tides. Luna sea.

    Statistics, more than a random sampling, indicate both crime and auto accidents "accelerate" at full moons. Or is it Fool moons?
    Eh,,,,,,long enough sampling to call it statistical significant or more than a causal relationship.

    Speaking of fools, I've got this feeling you're a lemming. Am I wrong?

    Why is it I envision a cap on backwards, an earring, and lots of empty Mountain Dew bottles? Pssst, chase those squiggles, but don't get two..........oops, I mean too dizzy.

    As for the Vatican, poor boxes, black puffs of smoke, meccas, holy water, magic chants and locked up Galileo because he didn't think the world was flat. Be frutiful and multiply.
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    "The lunar effect is a pseudoscientific theory which overlaps into sociology, psychology and physiology suggesting that there is correlation between specific stages of the Earth's lunar cycle and deviant behavior in human beings. The claims of a correlation of lunar phases to human behavior do not hold up under scientific scrutiny. Over the past 30 years, even more evidence has emerged to stress that this is pseudoscience.[1]"

    "Ask perfectly rational people and several will insist that during any full moon, crime rates soar, emergency rooms will be jammed, jails will be full and suicides will increase dramatically.
    But studies have all but reduced that long-cherished notion to nothing more than folk wisdom. Statistics show no rises in any such incidents during full moons.
    Dr. Dennis Michael Driscoll, a biometeorologist at Texas A&M University, has made a career out of studying the affects of outside forces on human behavior. When it comes to the full moon's influence on crime and deviant behavior, he leaves little room for debate.
    "The research that has been done is quite unambiguous," he says. "There's no relationship.""

    Can we please put this to bed?
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  4. You can generally massasge numbers (and statistics) to support (or refute) conclusions. Acutarians and accountants do it all the time.

    Does this thread DISTURB you? LOL

    Do you have a compulsion to research, cut & snip on a thread you give no credence to?

    Blantantly simple remedy (as opposed to a solution). Simply don't read it. Requires NO effort. Nun............oops, I mean none.

    Of course, it entails a little self-discipline. Just a little.
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  5. Moon effect is real.

    For those who don't masturbate, you'll get a wet dream around full moon and new moon...

    Also, women ovulate around full moon...
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    Yes, as you may have guessed; I do. And it's not to insult anybody by the way. I guess you could say that I think the 'truth is out there'. Mankind is still looking for it. The sooner mankind can put aside bs like astrology, reincarnation, leprechauns, santa claus, ...the sooner we can start to move toward understanding the universe and our place in it.

    I get a little agitated whenever I hear people still ascribe any truth to astrology and the like

    Just Google 'full moon myths' and you'll find plenty of reading material. Yes, you'll find plenty of reading material about 'effects of the full moon' too...but which makes more sense? Which is more believable and credible? All I ask is that people do a little research before they believe in a little more skeptical.

    Good trading to you
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    ...sources please...
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    cite your sources please.

    BTW- I always questioned the common belief that lemmings have suicidal might want to research that myth as well
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  9. I don't know what you're talking about.
    I saw those two words together and I couldn't help it.
    I'm not here to dispute or support astrology.

    Don't get your moon and ascendant all squared an shit. :) I'm only here for a quick laugh.

    FYI: I don't wear a hat, I drink Pepsi, and I don't do piercings.
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  10. And here I thought I was the only loony tune out there trading on this stuff!

    ...serious :eek:
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