Astrological Superstition

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  1. There's a triple conjunction happening this June, which only happens every 42 years. On about June 06, Jupiter enters Aries in conjunction with Uranus. So may be the panicky behavior in the stock market is to prepare for this conjuncture...

    Kaeppel's Corner: Once Jupiter Aligns with Mars, Then What?
  2. For those who subscribe to such, there's a more potent issue referred to as the Cardinal Climax. Last occured 1927-1935. Hmmm.

    Search Arch Crawford, then consider his track record in Hulbert.

    I prefer numbers (not to be confused with numerology) but I'd give more credence to Crawford than the munckins on here that live in their mother's basements.
  3. People who think the markets are too tough to beat should be pointed at this thread :D
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    As long as Jupiter does not enter Uranus this should be a non-event
  5. Sounds more like another Vatican scandal to me.
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    LOL. good one
  7. Wow, and I thought Fibonacci lines were hokum.

    When do we sacrifice a goat?
  8. :D Too funny.
  9. . Nice. Eventually you'll get out of the busch league stuff and into something that will pay off in the long run. Great thread here. Surprised we haven't gotten any garbage on here yet. Personally started off studying moon phases and still an eager student of this stuff. Very happy customer so far ;)
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