•Stocks in U.S. Fall on Mortgage Delinquencies, Consumer Confidence Slump

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  1. SO much for Green Shoots. The band aid will come off now, and Bernanke & Geithner aren't packing as they were frisked by Congress.

    No more ammo.

    Also, everyone was cheering when we had that job loss report of 'only' 370k or so two months ago, until last month's 630k loss kicked back in to high gear. Makes you wonder what this month's will be?

    •Stocks in U.S. Fall on Mortgage Delinquencies, Consumer Confidence Slump


    Consumer confidence was supposed to be on the mend. That was the conventional widsom, anyways.

    Consumer Confidence in U.S. Dropped to 49.3 in June From 54.8

  2. "The Labor Department is scheduled to release its June payrolls report on July 2. The U.S. probably lost 363,000 jobs in June, compared with a 345,000 drop a month earlier, according to economists surveyed by Bloomberg. The unemployment rate, already at the highest level in more than 25 years, likely increased to 9.6 percent, the survey said."


    ONLY 5% estimated growth in job-losses for the month you guys, that's certainly better than >5% growth in job-losses!!!

    The shoots keep getting greener every day!!
  3. I just love quarter end BS :)