ASTM - Any thoughts?

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    Any thoughts on this stock? It seems that it has good potential.

    ASTM gain 4.69% on 01/03/11 and a total percentage of 4.69% in the past 2 days
    ASTM is trading in the range of $2.10 - $3.39 in the past 30 days.
    Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is bullish for ASTM.
    The 22-day exponential moving average is moving up for ASTM.
    Money Flow Index (MFI) is bullish and moving up for ASTM.
    The 10-day simple moving average is bullish and moving up for ASTM.
    Average volume decrease over 5% for ASTM.
    Stock performance base on day of week in the past 90 days.
    Monday: 46.86%
    Tuesday: 38.88%
    Wednesday: -1.68%
    Thursday: -2.54%
    Friday: -1.66%