Assuming there's not a second'll see the economy recover steadily...

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    Famous last words...

    POWELL: Well, I think you'll see, again assuming there's not a second wave of the coronavirus, I think you'll see the economy recover steadily through the second half of this year. I do think that people will be careful about resuming their typical spending behavior. So certain parts of the economy will recover much more slowly.

    don't mind the panicky commentary:

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    Can you say anecdotal boys and girls?

    Very good. How about deadly virus?
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    Real Money

    Yea, there's gonna be a jobless recovery.
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    Central bankers are like surgeons - they can save a life during trauma but they are really bad at forecasting long term outcomes. For long term projections look to a real economist such as my main man Nouriel Roubini
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  5. That guy in the video is an idiot as if thr mask and gloves are holy protectors

    you know some people just wanna die they dont care bro they live like nothing is happening
  6. Its just like
    Those reckless drivers

    cars kill more people in America than anything else yet there is many reckless drivers
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    who knows , by then, covid would be gone.

    SARS came and gone.
    It came to this earth for few months. then it disappeared quietly.
    And no SARS vaccine was invented.
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    For some reason, it does not occur to me that this SARS has stopped the whole world, although others have simply passed painlessly.
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    It might recover.
    I don't usually listen to theories but didn't someone mention that the virus will disappear and will come again in few years ?
  10. Interesting to think about it
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