Assume lets say, that you know exact date and time of Collapse

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  1. Hello to all

    I am unable to get any real help from my broker Interactive Brokers where I recently opened account. I phoned them and they refused to help me saying they don't deal with investment advice teaching.

    They offered me some number to call to invest in their group or fund whatever they call it. But these guys would just laugh at my questions so I won't bother.

    Which is why I am here on internet.

    Assume just for fun lets say, that you know exact date and time of Market Plunge of 5-10 % and 40% after that in consecutive days. And huge gap downs that never fill. Assume that this will also involve dollar falling severely against other currencies and bank FREEZE for a week till everything settles.

    Assume that you know time and date but lets say you don't know about how to profit from this.

    I did convert my IB account to Canadian dollars which didn't cost a lot. But what will happen to my money if I buy puts and dollar plunges overnight.

    Will my profit be in Canadian dollars?
    Is it even possible for me to buy puts on US dollar at so and so time? Will IB honor me as customer and wire me my money when banks open?

    Should I open account with strictly Canadian broker ?

    Should I just dump $45 000 of calls into gold and silver?
    Will my profits be in US dollars if I do that?

    Should I just dump money into calls for VIX and let it hit the sky?

    How do I profit from US collapse on US markets without burning myself.

    I know guys that just own land and gold. That's easy I can buy some if it fine. Problem is I want to make a cool million or two of Unruined money
  2. If as you say there is a bank "freeze", US stock markets and quite possibly certain other exchanges and money center institutions around the globe would be closed. You will not be able to enter or exit a trade, new or existing, until the money freeze has passed.
  3. I will enter puts a day before the collapse and freeze. After that I'll wait for things to settle. Don't want to insult you but you seem even less knowledgeable than me on how things work.
  4. I don't know if you realize this or if you even care about what you are typing on internet.

    And if you don't care why do you waste your time typing.

    Your link is not the thread you mention that's #1. Number 2 is buying puts is something I already found out about. My question is if my account is in Canadian bucks will my profit be in Canadian bucks. Will profit be lost in conversions considering trades are done in US market.
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  6. in your scenario ? curious to know...
  7. Invest in me i`ll give you the 4 exact days to dump the market:D
  8. Take a look at this video and if you are still in funny mood. Then you my friend are a nutcase. By the way my source has nothing to do with this video. This video is public information for long time now.
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