Assorted Financial Trading Books

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    Great group of books for a futures trader in Chicago. Whole set for $40.00. Trading books valued at over $330.00. These books are located in Chicago.

    Mind over Markets, by James F. Dalton, $29.95

    Technical Analysis Explained, by Martin J. Pring. $55.00

    The Psychology of Trading, by Brett N. Steenbarger, PhD. $39.95

    Who Moved my Cheese?, by Spencer Johnson, M.D. $19.95

    Bringing Down the House, by Ben Mezrich $24.00

    Financial Freedom through Electronic Day Trading, by Van K. Tharp $29.95

    Trading in the Zone, by Douglas. $15.95

    Profitable Candlestick Trading, by Stephen W. Bigalow. $69.95

    Stock Market Wizards, by Jack D. Scwager. $28.00

    Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, by Edwin LeFevre. $19.95