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    getting into options,so learning

    lets say, I have 60 short put contracts and been chosen for assignment, will it be for all 60 or any partial assignment depending on the counterparty
  2. 1) You be assigned on any quantity between 1 and 60.

    2) Accounts are selected at random for assignment notices. The assignments are handed out at the same time.

    Once your account has been selected (for that specific option on that specific day), your account continues to be assigned - if there are are remaining exercises - until it's cleaned out (all 60). Then another account is chosen for the next assignments. ETC.

    there are more details, but that should answer the question.

  3. Can be partial or full I think. It really depends and you can't know in advance. Be carefull on dividends.
    But if one has an advantage to exercise maybe many do...
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    Dividends are only a problem for calls not puts, and the OP stated that he/she has the puts.
  5. At expiration you'll get assigned on 100% no questions so long as they're in the money.
  6. "I have 60 short put contracts"
  7. All xflat said was that if the stock is below the strike price at expiration, you can anticipate being assigned on all 60 puts.

  8. Your point on the above was exactly what?
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    tnx guys,

    wonder what the percentage is of contracts being exercised in the money with lots of time left, not at expiration.

    have some covered calls in the money(wft @12.5, stock at 18.50, and mgm @10, stock at 11.50) waiting for them to be exercised so i can put the money to use

    and had some short puts ( mgm @2.5) that was in the money for a a short time and wished it was exercised
  10. Forget about early assignment if there is no dividend involved.

    Sure it can happen, but wishing for an option to be assigned when 'there is plenty of time remaining' and it's slightly in the money, demonstrates a certain lack of understanding of how options work.

    You cannot expect option owners to be stupid. But what you can do is attempt to exit the positions so you can put the money to use.

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