Asshat U.S. gov. scared to death its "Trapwire" monitoring system will become public!

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  1. In turn, the asshats at Abraxas (who designed "Trapwire"), own these numbskulls:

    If the U.S. gov. is so scared of its own citizens, it ought to move aside for someone who will work with the public - rather than live in fear of the public.

    East Germany was scared of it's citizens, and spied on them. They're gone now.
  2. Oh, guess what?

    Abraxas designed "Trapwire".

    A Company named "Cubic" bought Abraxas in 2010.

    Cubic also owns Ntrepid (see link below).

    Who is this Ntrepid? Ntrepid is the U.S. government contractor who was caught creating fake online "personas" to "influence net conversations and spread U.S. propaganda."

    Get the picture? "Trapwire" monitors you - and "trust us here at Cubic, we won't abuse our monitoring of the U.S. public." At the same time, another Cubic subsidiary is lying about who they are, in order to create public opinion.
  3. Of all the items Wikileaks has released, none has required a massive "denial of service" attack that has run for days in a row - until now with "Trapwire".

    Wikileaks is still down. For the first time, even all Wikileaks "mirror" sites are down.

    Whoever is running the "denial of service" attack on this scale, has the amount of resources normally reserved for countries.


    I just visited the front page of ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. None of them are running the story on the front page (or at all). Even Fox News, who could presumably embarrass the Obama administration, won't touch this story of the information that MUST NOT break cover at Wikileaks.

    I remain your humble reporter,
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    LOL This statement sort of sums up the story.

    "....according to Russian-state owned media network RT (apologies for citing "foreign media"... if we had a free press, I'd be citing something published here by an American media conglomerate)" :D

  5. Wikileaks, and all its mirror sites, have never come under an attack of this magnitude.

    This could be the big one.

    What would the U.S. government fear more than it becoming clear the U.S. government was treating its own citizens like a foreign enemy? Former CIA and FBI employees heavily populate Abraxas (creator of Trapwire), Ntrepid and Cubic. You make the call.
  6. CIA cannot lawfully run operations or conduct propaganda against U.S. citizens.

    Do I correctly remember a few weeks ago there was an attempt, perhaps preemptive of this new story, to change U.S. policy with respect to U.S. propaganda against its own citizens?

    If so, that could be an admission of guilt that all these government/private hybrids run by ex-CIA employees, knew that what they were doing was wrong.
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    I just don't believe anything that comes out of the RT website. As the author admits, the site is controlled by the Russian propagandists. They like nothing better than getting Americans all riled up against the government.

    Let us know when a credible western news site reports on this.
  8. In the past that would have been correct. However, post 911, RT media propaganda is no more slanted than the propagandists in US media. Both are lying, compromised entities. Witness the reporting on what is happening in Syria.

  9. Ah, yes. Here it is. The change in propaganda law was attempted in May.

    Stratfor, the private intelligence firm closely linked to the U.S. government, had its emails hacked months before this attempted change in propaganda law in May.

    Stratfor and the U.S. government knew the emails would be leaked in pieces, and that the emails would reveal unlawful U.S. government propaganda campaigns against its own citizens.

    So why not get ahead of the game, and try to change the law regarding
    government propaganda? The CIA and FBI knew what they were doing was wrong. That's why they tried to change the law.
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