Asset Manager to prop trader?

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    How easy is it for a front office analyst to make the switch into being a prop trader?

    I'm thinking either a good prop firm or bank (no retail or arcades).
  2. As easy as anybody else.
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    "As easy as anybody else."

    Can you please elaborate?
  4. What I mean is that you have no hedge.
  5. Very difficult. You'll have to go from merely "talking" about the market to actually "trading" the market. :cool:
  6. You need to read PITBULL asap. It's a analysts journey to become a trader. It's a HUGE difference. It took several years and a lot of $ to become successful. Plus his story starts over two decades ago and then the market was far less efficient, which generally equals greater profits for traders.

    BTW, capital into Investment Banking prop divisions is getting massively cut-back.
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    Analyzing i.e. giving opinion and trading i.e. taking risk are two very different skill sets, you will have no more edge than most beginners. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the advice!

    Before i pull the trigger on Amazon you mean:
    Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street's Champion Day Trader
    by Martin Schwartz


    I know. Right now I do plenty of market analysis and allocate money to strategies in hopes of making the ultimate portfolio but not directly to individual securities (Fund of Funds).

    Thanks for the honesty. I didn't realize that my experience as an asset manager be of no help in landing a prop trading job since i felt that many of the same principles still applied.
  9. Yes... Marty Schwartz. It's a classic.
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    Awesome thanks!
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