Assent's charting package???

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    Does anyone know if Assent is planing on upgrading or coming out with a new charting package? Does everyone there get there quotes from an outside source? It just makes sense to me that they would have there own charting package to go along with HAMMER. (That is the same quality as hammer)
    Just wondering

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    does have their own charting software. pretty crappy last time i checked. but one of my friend told me the latest version is not so bad but still unstable. i guess it will take some time before they get everything down. most offices use AT financial or other vendors.


    Assent is currently switching over to E-Signal charts.

    It should be rolled out to most offices by the end of October.


  4. By FAR the worst charting package I have ever seen. Looks/functions like a high school computer-programming assignment. VOLUME, will we pay extra for E- Signal?
  5. I totally agree. Ever since I opened my account (2 yrs. +), I have been forced to use an outside source for my charting. It is good software, but not linkable with Hammer, so you have to do twice the typing to load/change symbols.

    I don't mind paying extra for good service, but up until now I haven't even had the option to.


    Some of the guys in my office have already been switched to E-Signal. The charts look good (I still use real tick, but I'm going to switch over to E-Signal soon).

    There is no extra fee for the charts.

  7. Have you asked Hammer to link it for you? When we switched to esignal it was not linkable, it took them a week to make it happen.
  8. All,

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    What does that have to do with Assent's charting package?...start a new thread to pump your product.
  10. I use AT.... still linkable?
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