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    Would anyone comment.

    i might join and would like to know pros and cons

    what about that new net captial rule

    is a penny a share competitive

    any issues that anyone knows would be very helpful

    might also consider bright
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    I traded at Assent and had no issues with them. Great software, good buying power. They're real sticky on compliance issues, which isn't a bad thing. It seems Assent is just a colleciton of numerous individual groups and your experience there mostly depends on what group you are under. If they hold your capital for a year, that would be a concern.

    A penny per share sucks. Unless you are putting up no money and getting dedicated training, then it might be acceptable for a short period of time.
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    i trade under assent..and i got low commission...i can hook u up
  4. 2 first time posters within 3 posts helping each other out looks fishy to me?
  5. No, you don't think so do you, LOL. But just in case.....

    Sungard is fine, and still some "remaining" traders from the Andover days, but not many according to the guys who have come over here this year. Several "groups" still about. The last time we spoke to Joe Gitto (San Jose), he said that they weren't ever going to offer training...not sure if that's still the case.

    And, yes, having a good Compliance record is "a good thing". Since Sungard they are clean as far as I know.

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  6. A penny a share is too high unless the group is going to provide you very good training. Most groups in Assent offer no training at all.

    I assume you are a new trader. You should find a group in assent or other firms that is profitable and they are willing to teach you.
  7. am a relative newbie trader with Assent NYC. They seem fine to me so far.

    although if you do any automated trading, it's a pain in the @ss to integrate with their trading platform , anvil.
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    New net capital rule?

    Have they decided to let go of that atrocious requirement of locking your capital there for a year? That might be a good move on their part.
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    LOL, hope I don't get busted for being a new poster.... guess I just outed myself!

    Anyway, I agree with pretty much everything you guys have said so far. I work with Assent's API and previously used some of Instinet's products, as well as a few smaller brands that had low, low commisions but sucked (crashed all the time, could not hold overnights, etc). I use the API for my automated trading and Anvil for my hand trades... the speed is second to NONE!

    Assent does not offer training, they seem to cater to the more advanced traders... however, I have spoken with some people at Assent who say that individual trading groups offer training for newbies. It would appear that Assent sorta follows the franchise model and maybe newbies need to go one step down and see one of the head traders at these groups.

    There compliance office is a stickler for rules, but they are squeaky clean since the Sungard buy-out. If your a legit trader, why would you want anything else?
  10. Does anyone have experience with or heard of Jasper Capital and Shine Capital? They are both in NYC. I want to go check them out, but I never heard of them before.
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