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  1. This question has been bugging me for a while, and it's a completely useless question. Why did Andover change its name to Assent, and not, say.... Ascent?

    Were they implying that the management was going to be <b>extremely</b> agreeable from then on?

    Did anyone else find that to be a bit weird--to create a staple daytrading firm out of a spelling error--or is it just me?
  2. assent is in merriam webster's (online)....... but agreed it is an odd name... the one that puzzled me was Chimera...and to be honest i never really got the echo moniker.
  3. Whatever their name may be, it's not as silly as "Cardiff Giant Trading," of which whom i saw post an ad on the other week. I mean come on now guys...Cardiff Giant? Yes, we've all seen swingers, and yes, it was amusing in the movie, but....yeah...riiiiight.
  4. can there be a worse name than....GENERIC
  5. The name of Bright Trading took years to come up with, millions spent on focus groups and market's a fair name, not great, but somehow it seems to work. LOL

  6. LOL that is true although I have been very happy at the firm.

    The Andover name held a lot of negative connotations to it like the LLC leader going into a trader's account and robbing it blind. There was also other shady stuff done at that firm, not that it set them apart from many other firms back in that time. The harassment and abuse was a bit extreme at times. I could not get anymore stories besides how the LLC leaders used to just rob the trader under them if the dude wanted to leave. That ALMOST happened when I was there but since SDS acquired Andover, it changed quite a few other things besides the name.