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  1. anyone who thinks assent makes 8-10MM per year is dilusional. Sungard never wanted Assent and its prop garbage to begin with. It was all done for software and clearing. The Andover sellers made it a package deal.

    Just when Sungard was going to puke out the Assent hairball, new net cap accounting rules were implimented that made trader assets into liabilities. Thus if Assent were spun out, it would immediately collapse without a MAJOR cash infusion.

    Assent is a bucket shop, high liability, money losing enterprise that this consortium never even looked at when the sale was in process. It will be cut faster than Reuters smoking the Instinet Clearing division.

    These are the facts. Those stating that this group cant AFFORD to dump a high risk, losing division that is worthless while stating some fictional multiple are either principals, traders, or employees who are masturbating into the wind.

    Trying to bundle phase III with anything that worthless prop traders do is also dilusional. Phase III is more of a broker's trading tool. A scalp trader would never use this. Phase III ALONE has more worth than the dozen or so Assent prop offices.

    Assent is finished. It will dry up into 1 or 2 offices faster than Shonfeld or Hold Brothers once this POS has to stand alone.
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  3. That first post smells.
  4. Yes, it smells like the truth.
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    Here come the jerks!


  6. You sound like a whining little bitch. You probably lost money trading at Assent and you blame them. Whaaaaa, sniff, sniff.
  7. Longhorn,

    I dont need anyones money to trade. I have my own.

    You sound like a whiney bitch who is about to be homeless or be forced to be a bright brothers bitch.

    Or by your name, you are an austin assent office bag-holder who is about to get tanked out of biz.
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    Come on be nice
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    damn, lotta folks just need to have a beer and relax.......
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    Agree. Stating your opinions of the Assent situation is fine, making personal attacks is not. And I'm unclear why Shortsqueazed felt the compelling need to start another Assent thread when one was already very active, but so be it. After all, the total of his 5 posts at ET dating back to June 2003 have all been exclusively about Assent.
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