Assent VPN Down?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by listedguru, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Anyone else having problems with assents VPN? I keep getting error messages and can't login to anvil :(
  2. QuantBot


    no eta as to when it might be back up------worthless
  3. Well my vpn is working now I can't login to anvil..
  4. Is anyone trading on anvil today? I'm still down here. Anyone know whats going on?
  5. I know others have been down this morning. However, I have been up since around 7:30 am...I wonder what the story is? I trade remotely.
  6. I'm remote too... I guess your one of the lucky one's (LOL)... Sure hope they clear this up soon
  7. ener555


    Anyone else having Anvil problems right now? Trying to call but even the main number seems to be busy so most likely lots of ppl are calling. Just making sure that its not just my problem
  8. trom


    outtage in NJ is what im hearing.
  9. ener555


    Ok thx. Just wanted to make sure it wasnt just me. I think they disabled their phone system. At least if I hit 2 for trade support nothing happens. Oh well no big deal. I am flat anyways.

    Funny thing is that if they have a problem and I listen to the System Status it always says all systems are working:)
  10. yooo hoboken lost all power LOL
    #10     Apr 18, 2008