Assent or Bright? Need some massive support

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by foryouh6, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. foryouh6


    what do you guys hear or think? I am thinking about joining Assent and was wondering if anyone had any input, good or bad.

    I am a little concerned about keeping your funds for a year, any comment.

    Anyone work there?

    The way they trade, is it set up so shares are traded alot and commisions are paid back to them for the trades?

    Any prblems with self clearing?

    What are upside and downsides


    i appreciate it alot
  2. A one poster doing a poll,,hmmmm. I say go be sneaky and spam somewhere else.
  3. I will be honest. Don Brite writes some very good articles on here.

    Although I do not wish to be employed by Brite trading or work for a prop company, Im wondering if there is anyway to attend his "boot camp" without having to work for Brite.

    No offense. Working for Brite might be a great opportunity, Im more interested in Don's knowledge for now.
  4. I wouldn't mind, but the problem is that the boot camp is live trading, and live trading requires that you be a member of our firm.