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  1. Does anyone trade out of Assent's L.A. office located on South Bundy Drive? If so, could someone shade some light on the followings:

    1) How are the group leaders, Joe Gitto & Adam Wasserman, like (pay on time, approachable, offer competitive rates, etc)?

    2) How many traders are in S.Bundy office?

    3) How's the area where the office is located (crime, night life, rents, etc)?

    Thank you very much.
  2. Assent has always treated me well. Adam Wasserman by far has the best training program in all of Assent. If you are new to trading, I would definately give him a call. There are a handfull of traders in the office at any given time. It is a healthy floor. The office is blocks away from UCLA, and is considered one of the "places to be" in all of LA The night life will knock your socks off, just like the rent prices.
  3. tinka


    It's crap. Everyone I know there lost money.
  4. uh besides that assent is out of business...or do i stand corrected?
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    there were 3 sides to that office. terry's side, rob's side in tradestar, and chiimera.

    chimera made money. there were a few guys on rob's side like ryan mckenzie that made money. lots of people got their asses handed to them, but thats just the way it is.

    wasserman hasn't been in the la office for years. the office was nice, right next to fox studios, basically in a nice part of santa monica, 1 mile away from brentwood.

    gitto and company have since moved to an office in culver city, which couldn't be that bad in terms of crime, location ect...its not like youre in the hood dtla.
  6. (not my business, but...) unless the "switchovers" from Assent are telling me stories, I do believe that Sungard chose to close Assent. But, please, as in all these "stories" please refer to (and I defer to) those who actually have worked or are working there.