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  1. I would like to hear from anyone who has current experience with Assent. Any traders doing a couple of million shares a month with them that are happy/unhappy? How does Anvil/Hammer compare to RediPlus?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I can't directly comment on their service, but their Anvil platform, I must say it is one of the top three compared to Laser and Sterling Trader Pro.

    I do like Sterling the most though, but Anvil seems great.

    Service, someone else will have to handle that.

    EDIT: They are currently phasing out the Hammertrade platform, as that is what they said awhile ago when I asked about it in my search for a prop firm, so Anvil is only option, but still a great platform.
  3. Anyone know if Adam Wasserman is still associated with Assent?

    Had a long chat with him on the phone about 15 months back, and thought he was very helpful, not at all pushy or hard-sell.

    I know he used to be with WorldCo a while back.
  4. yeah him and Terry Okura in LA. Adam is still with the Miami Beach office, as of about 6 months ago.

    Anybody know anything about the Brooklyn office?
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    Assent needs more short sale inventory. It's quite limited.
  6. I'm going to be headed down Wasserman capital to Miami in eary January if all goes well to meet the guys at the miami office, watch them trade and attend one of their meetings. I hope it's worth it.

    Is anyone in their mentor program? it any good?

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    They are big time into tape reading. He runs one of the larger groups out of the Miami office. High commissions but he seems to be the only one who provides any sort of guidance for newbies in Miami.
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    Can you still read the tape with hybrid? I can't believe people still use this system. Is Assent people making big time $$ reading the tape?
  9. what kind of commissions do they offer to someone trading a couple million shares a month?
  10. I trade with Assent not with Adam. If you are trading a few million shares a month, you should be able to get .004 or better plus pass through.

    Anvil is the best platform out there, so you do have a slight advantage.
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