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    Has anyone have any experience with Assent, LLC? I am thinking about joining Bright Trading & Assent is making me an offer. Any insight would be very much appreciated. TIA
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    strange you registered in april 2004 and this is your 1st post
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    I registered and forgot about this site. Why ask?!!
  4. Faced the same decision a while ago. I visited a bunch of prop shops. The Bright looked the most reliable out of all of them. The only thing is that the Bright is a bit high on their commissions. If you have the same deal from both of them pick the Bright.
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    It looks like all the "One Post Rock creatures" are having a party today.
  6. you should be able to get 1/2 the commissions at assent that you get at bright
  7. A major difference between the two firms is the management. At Bright, they are led by two large ego traders who understand trading and the trader's plight. Assent may have lower rates, but the trader is just a "customer" who is a number to them. The upper management has no trading experience. They are just middle level managers at a large corporation.
  8. well that dpends what office you get in. some of the mangers at assent are very good
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    Some of the managers at Assent may be good. But, ultimately, policy and decisions will be made at the corporate level. One thing you could say about firms like Bright, ETG, Generic and Schonfeld is that they lasted so long because their management understood what it takes to be successful as a trader.

    There are many managers who can cut costs and drive a business. Few understand what it takes to help a Prop trader.

    I agree with New.
  10. Assent is a solid organization and the Hammer is an excellent platform. The deal you negotiate with any firm will vary with your experience and money management skills. Bright and ETG are also fine organizations and I know traders who are happy at both. RediPlus is also a fine platform.

    Good luck... and remember: Money Management Rules!
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