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    does anyone know some of the "sub llc's of ASSENT in nyc? for example, isnt LYNX CAPITAL PARTNERS, part of ASSENT? i am trying to find a good prop trading opportunity, and want to talk to as many firms as possible... thanks
  2. what style do you trade?
    are you net plus each month?
    whats your monthly volume?
    do you have papers to prove all this?
    can you put down risk capital and how much?
    asking for assent groups makes little sense because each group offers different stuff. there are great deals to be made for the right person and the rest have to compromise. any group that has hammer is part of assent.


    im asking so i can find out who to contact in regards to everything you just said. i know there is more than one assent office, and many of them go by different names ie. "sub llc's" (lynx cap, etc....) im trying to get contact info so i can start exploring.....
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    I believe that there aren't any more "sub-LLC's" under Assent since shortly after the Sungard merger. There are still seperate offices and groups, but they are all directly under Assent/Sungard now.