Assent is overall the best to trade

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by hitman4gk, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. i trade there..low comissions and a very fast platform..never had a problem getting paid. their customer service leaves alot to be desited and the charts suck...i use e-signal anyway,.,,all the assent groups let you trade with very little start up and thats a HUGE for their traning,i trained myself way beofe i ever went there so i'm not sure about their training..its a very quick platform and thats all you need,super fast executions(one click trading);no time consuming order confirmation.again,the best part is you can trade with little start up money..thats my opinion...any others?
  2. awhoa99


    What is considered a lot amount to start up with?
  4. lescor


    I traded at Assent and think it's a fine firm. However, to say that any one firm is the best is a silly statement. The styles and requirements of traders, and what the various firms provide cross too wide a spectrum for one to be called "the best".