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    Does anybody know anything about Assent in Austin?
  2. Chop shop, they were still using the old SOES bandit methods when I spoke to them two years ago.

    They were first Kersner Trading from what I gather.

    There is zero serious "trading" shops in Austin or San Antonio.

    Houston has energy and Dallas has Energy.

    Texas in general is very limited on TRADING.
  3. Kershner was Zone in the past, not Assent.
  4. Right, my bad, it was ZONE first.

    Most of their guys washed out as most are not doing well at Kersner, even thought they moved into the new office from what I understand. "POD" trading is a interesting concept if all traders in the POD are strong.

    We did something close to such at Schonfeld. It was very profitable for some but the weak ones lost a lot of money.
  5. What is not doing well to you? We have 10 guys who grossed over a 1,000,000. Also, we have 50 guys over 100,000 gross. I'm at 850k gross for the year. Is that not good enough?

    lol...Do you even have any idea how things work or do you just comment on them without having any clue?

  6. The net is what truly matters.

    Are commission figured into that ?

    Are you guys still keeping 70% ?
  7. Im curious too..because if you are grossing 100k and its a 60-40 or 70-30 in the firms favor, thats not leaving much after fees and commission.
  8. yes those numbers are with commissions. i just say gross because that is not payout. i should have just said net earlier to be clearer.

    there are like 35 high performing traders and like 25 are at 70% payout (i am at 66%). either way our top trader's take home/net/payout somewhere around 1.6 mil. i'm like #12 and i am taking home 500k...5 times what i made last year.

    also, the number of million dollar net traders has skyrocketed from what it was last year. i believe it was 2 last year now it is 10. i don't have the exact numbers cause i am at home. anyhow... whoever said we aren't doing well is crazy.

    further we are working towards being able to trade the asian markets and we are setting up an office in shanghai.