Assent - Hoboken

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Nagarjuna, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Looking for a deal, please pm me, or post any helpful information here - thanks.
  2. call me crazy, but why wouldn't you just contact them directly instead of asking people here?? Y
  3. Assent only takes on licensed traders to trade their account. Since I'm not licensed, I'm looking to join a group where I can trade a sub account and avoid letting licensed.
  4. john12


    sir you're a joke. you've posted under 4 different names in the past 4 weeks. get a life

  5. I just asked a question...Uh...are you talking to me or the guy who is looking for Assent in Hoboken NJ on a blog?:D
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    no not you the guy who started the thread. he's posted under 3 or4 different names with id's that just started always asking for people to pm him about assent. he's probably a 20 year old with 5k to his name wasting peoples time
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    I am sure if you call any Assent office they will put you intouch with someones branch. Good luck...don't get screwed