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  1. if you are in a group/LLC and have trouble getting paid,ie. getting a deposit back ect. will contacting a certain department at these firms help? which department? i mean assent's or genesis main office.
  2. Which one of these shops do you work at?
  3. i am retail. just curious.
  4. with trade station. just curious what guys do who are with genesis and others if they don't get deposits back.
  5. Good Question.

    Has anyone lost a deposit? There has to be stories out there.

    I think most experienced traders are running multiple platforms.
    If in doubt, it makes sense to hedge your income.

    There are firms (not LLC's) that, with a track record, will pick you up. New traders have a bit harder time. No deposit, but you are expected to cover your expenses(nominal). Payouts tend to vary with experience.

    happy trading