assent freezes again

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by monstercat, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. lol piece of shit software. yet again heavy vol freezes
  2. i still cant trade since 2:15....have positions too.
  3. Tell me about it! It crashed 5 times on me ...

    I even run automated trading system and man this just blows ... Thank god I was partially hedged ... Assent when the F will you get your act together! Arghh
  4. Guys I told you to dump this POS. It's just a matter of time before Landis and Bobarino clowns climb on this thread and tell you it's none of Assent's fault and it's all your ISP issue. To top it off, they'll probably tell you everything was fine on their end. LOL.
  5. Bobarino


    I'm glad you beat me to the punch, unfortunately I did have issues today remotely. None of my internal boxes had problems though. I also heard some offices in the Southeast for Assent SMASHED the market. So once again, its a few people who "randomly" have issues.

    Do me a favor Don, why don't you keep enjoying Laser and your
    agreement with the LLC you posted in another thread. Pretty pathetic that you come on here "just" to bash another company, when you don't even trade there.

    I do stick up for Assent, because I think they do things the right way.