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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by madprops, May 4, 2009.

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    I wanted to reach out to any Assent traders on this forum and ask about commissions you have in your sheets and get a somewhat "objective" polling from anyone here.

    In your sheets there is the commissions field and the transaction field.

    Now as I understand it, there are some traders whose commission field is always the same and some whose change with ecn fees that depend on providing or taking liquidity.

    So for example Trader A and Trader B both have the rate quoted to them as ".004" for example.

    Trader A in his sheets shows a commission fee of about .008 (.005 + .003) for taking liquidity and may have some sort of rebate if providing liquidity.

    Trader B always has .005 as their commissions whether providing or removing liquidity.

    Since Trader B seems to be in the minority at our firm, I wanted to find out how it was at other branches, before I approach Assent or my branch heads directly. If anyone can shed some light on how this "fixed" rate occurs vs. "variable", it would be greatly appreciated
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    this should have said ".005" as this is the rate in the example I go on to use