Assent Charts???

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    I know that Assent traders use the Hammer software for order entry, quotes, ect...

    But, what do Assent traders use for charts? Does Assent even offer good charting software? Anyone know?


    Most of the guys in my office use E-Signal.
  3. I used to pay $165 per month for Realtick

    Hammer is a great platform, and without a doubt the fastest iin the business. It's just a shame that the charting application comes from the days of the Quotron Machine in the early 80's, and management at Assent doesn't seem to care.

  4. everybody i know has e signal or reuters but before most had AT
  5. Mecro


    LOL it's true.

    Most traders just go with Reuters or AT. But E-sig is about to eliminate Reuters.
  6. They use to use Esignal feeds but now using Esignal pro.

    Just started using it but I think I'll stick with my realtick.