Assent, Bright or Hold

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  1. What firm is best(Leverage, commissions and platform) for a pairs trader who trades between 3 and 5 Million shares per month? Any advice would be appreciated.
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    For pairs you need overnight leverage and they are def the most lenient. As long as you have some discipline they will give you a long leash. I traded there for about a year. Solid firm, no worries about your money.

    Assent is another good firm, but your money is tied up for a year. No opinion on Hold.
  3. Hold Brothers and Assent give the best rates (sub $2/1000 for 2+ mil/month). Dunno much about Bright, but I had heard that they are not competitive on rates. I think Assent and Bright give better leverage than Hold (20-1 overnight vs 6-1 overnight, intraday is even).

    Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks for your help.

    Steve, do you pay sub $2/1000 for 2+ million. Is that the rate for Hold or Assent? Our groups trades more than that per month.

    Arnie, I have also heard good things about Bright Trading but I also heard that their rates are not competitve for Pairs. Any comments?

  5. Yes I do....+ ECN Fees.
  6. are you directly under Assent or do you have a group leader?
  7. hmmm. Don must be taking the day off.
  8. they're ain't nobody in an assent or hold office doing 2 mil vol and getting leverage paying sub .002. thats bs outside the office owners
  9. Totally agree. No way are you getting .002 for that volume...not even close.
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    I can factually show that it's done for over 2 mil shares a month. I doubt sub .002 at 2 mil, though.
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