Assent Automated Trading System

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  1. I run a system similar to the one that is shown here on video. I would love to see other automated traders show their stuff for us to see.
  2. .......AD MUCH?
  3. The video is a bit ad style but my point is are there others out there. I don't care about the fluff just want to see what up. Kind of like the P/L thread but for automation.
  4. it takes time to put together those demos, so it's not really worth it unless you're marketing something (or getting paid to instruct someone).

    all the same, there are some assent strategy demos of tradelink, which you can find here :
  5. I did not see any videos. The one thing I liked about the Assent I posted earlier is that you can see the speed and all that good stuff. It gives you a feel not just the technicals.
  6. there's other trading videos on youtube, cause I know there are people that use it to train traders or market their training (or canned systems, depending on whats being sold).

    regarding tradelink... videos are under 'whats included' -> list of screenshots. click on a screenshot to see a video. not all of them have videos, and few of them are real-time like what appeals to you.
  7. Ok I saw what you meant. That is good in terms of what is under the hood. I am looking for the automation in action, but still that link is a good resource.
  8. They added another pretty good one.
  9. bellman


    If it works with TDAmeritrade, how good of a program can it be?