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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by prog, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. prog


    Does anyone out there have experience building an automated trading system via the API offered by Assent?

    I have a Black Box routine which has been tested (with hypothetical data) and is ready to go. It can pull the info from their API (into a txt file) as well as send the orders to the API (in another txt file). Still need to get the API to create the first txt and read the second txt, at most, 1 day of work.

    My problem is that I was planning on paying Assent to do this part of the program, but am told they won't unless I convert mine to .NET. This is possible, but a last resort.

    I can't do the API part myself because the current API manual is incomplete at best and I have very little .NET experience. Will pay someone who can tell me how to pull the data and send orders.
  2. Dustin


    I use the API for a grey box. You should have access to a sample spreadsheet that shows you how to pull quotes. I assume you have signed up with Dimension already?
  3. prog


    Yes. Dimension is the firm that I am/was working with. I just used the name Assent for simplicity.