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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by jpomerenke, Sep 27, 2003.

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  1. i was bored tonight, looking over all the various firms out there...wefff...didnt think there were so many :eek: HaHa..but anyways, i noticed there are alot of sub LLCs of prop firms out there..mostly through andover(assent) but i was just wonder what all the sub llcs of assent were...links would be great also!! Thanks in advanced!!:cool:
  2. why?:confused:
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    Isn't the firm you work for... GreenTree... a sub LLC of Assent?
  4. We have a relationship with them so we have access to thier software. We arent solely a Sub LLC of them. We have our own propritary account, with relationships with a few Broker/dealers. Reason im asking is very simple. Im just curious like i said. I figured it wouldnt hurt to ask on here. I know theres alot of guys thats started small firms through other B/Ds as sub llcs, and was just wondering about them. Thats all :)
  5. Awhile ago, I heard that Andover was going to add options trading functionality to the hammer. At that time the tech guy said they were testing the connections to the options exchanges and expect it to be functional within days. That was 1.5 years ago if I recall. Has it been done yet?

    Do any of the sub LLc of Assent offer market maker haircuts for option traders. Thanks
  6. bob, why do you say that? volume is picking up a little bit ( a little little bit), plus a lot of them got gone, the ones remaining seems to have stopped the crazy price wars and are diversifying into eminis,forex,etc.
  7. Joey,
    Why not just call the person who sells you the use of their software, or the main office. Or, easier yet, call the regulators, they should have all the introducing brokers and sub LLC's.

    Don (People don't stillllll use the Hammer do they??) .....just kidding :D
  8. bitter!!!! that explains the screen name. sorry to hear you had such a bad experience.
  9. don,
    yes, some people do use the hammer and some still use the point and click rediplus.......
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    Pretty much says it all, and there's no need for this thread to continue.
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