Assclown Al Gore Sells Out - Joins VC Firm

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Trader5287, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Now here's a guy that fooled me. Actually had some respect for him there for awhile.

    He's found the lowest and most profitable use for whatever talent he had.

    Permanent ignore.
  2. Laughing my ass off.

    You used the following together:


    Too funny man, too funny.

    One of the above does not fit. :D
  3. I'd be willing to say the investments his firm makes will neither be environmentally friendly nor human rights champions.

    What a shit bum he is.
  4. Too much of HF/VC and lobbyist activity has morphed into smash and grab capitalism. When it becomes a revolving door with government service, there's an appearance of impropriety in my view. I also think sectors of the populace see it as a sellout or at odds with the public interest.

    A third or half of our candidates are HF/VC people - Edwards, Giuliani, Romney, and Thompson.

    Then, look what happens when they're done - Colin Powell, John Snow, Greenie, and many more I can't think of ... . WTF is a disgraced general doing at a HF? Come on. These people are being paid to associate their names with these firms because it implies clout.

    Bush was recently asked about his plans. He said the first thing he planned was to "replenish the ole coffers". Is he going VC/HF too, I wonder?
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    Assclown Award

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    What surprise me is that people are actually surprised.