Assault on Wall Street: Official Trailer

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by OnClose, May 7, 2013.

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  2. Looks really weak. The trading room looks like a ReMax office. "Dump the certificates!" wtf. Low budget direct to video crap.
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    Lol, yeah it looks kinda low budget.
  4. Stok


    This will give a lot of people some ideas (OWS in mind).
  5. I thought we got rid of stock certificates. Are they still being transferred around from brokerage to brokerage via courier?
  6. OMG--- that's the last thing we need, what a bunch of bozos promoting class warfare---- just wait, if that actually comes out, some joker will copycat it for real.
  7. Naw OWS are the son/daughters of the 1%ers playing weekend rebel. They did all that noise to piss mom and dad.

    OWS is not a threat.
  8. It's produced by Uwe Boll; he's the guy who makes those ridiculous films based upon popular video games. He gets German govt financing credits so it's basically an arbitrage. Most of his shit is direct to video -- like this movie.
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    Prelude to our future. 2008 redux without Gov backstop, and ya, it's revelation of the method.
  10. Interesting info, thanks.

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