Assad's Air Force bombs ISIS troops in Iraq.

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  1. By ROD NORDLANDJUNE 21, 2014

    BAGHDAD — The violent struggle over Iraq on Saturday consumed cities and towns widely spread over the north and west of the country, with Sunni militants making some gains near a strategic border crossing with Syria.Witnesses from another border town, Al Waleed, said the Syrian Air Force had bombed ISIS troops on the Iraq side who were trying to capture it.

    If Al Waleed fell, that would leave the Iraqi government without control of a single border crossing to Syria and would deal a blow to both Syria and Iraq. A loss of control over the border would allow ISIS, which has been fighting the Syrian government for months, to move fighters and equipment more freely between the two countries.

    The militants are trying to create an Islamic caliphate in a vast area of both countries, wiping out the border in between. Syria’s reported involvement on Saturday was the manifestation of the increasingly convoluted politics surrounding the region.

    Wait, so this Assad guy's air force bombing the terrorists, that's the guy Obama was trying so hard to remove.

    lol, that's fucked up man, Obama.
  2. Ricter


    So it's Obama's fault. That's new, coming from you.
  3. Obama was objecting to assad bombing them in his own country. Now I guess it's ok.

    If obama had had his way, ISIS would already be in control of Syria. Look at the catastrophe his policy in libya produced. Oddly, you don't hear much about that in the mainstream media. That's certainly one they can't blame on Bush or anyone else.