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Discussion in 'Trading' started by bungrider, May 5, 2003.

  1. ...maybe a seagull.

    what do you guys make of the S&P intraday today??

    we've been seeing big rips back and forth lately. while i can't complain (these daily ranges have been sweet!!), i'm just wondering what other people are thinking when they see an intraday chart like the S&P today (mon 5/5) ...

    happy trading,
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    On friday we had a pretty strong uptrend day. Normally after a strong trend day the next day is choppy. Thats the volatility cycle.

  3. Tea


    S&P hitting major resistance from January.

    Needs to regroup before moving up (or down).
  4. thanks, brandon.

    today's chart is like 4/29. just one extreme to the next.

    i'm just wondering if anyone sees an overall uptrend or downtrend today...
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  6. Sweet ranges??!! Before the war ranges were like 20 points/day and bouncing up and down to the ranges' ends several times. What has been going on now after the war is just jerking off.
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    well if there were a link to a good porn site here, maybe I could jerk off too :-\
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    Just look at YM Friday(2/17/06) .. 40 points down, 50 points up, a 40 point drop & a minor lift of 20 points to market close. Nice.

    Every trading day is an 'ass wiggle' because the money is in the gyrations for day traders.
  9. Any reason you're drudging up a thread that's almost 3 years old?
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    Any reason that YOU ARE continuing a thread that's almost 3 years old?

    You could always comment on the thread topic?
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