ass entertainer attacked by wild tiger (good)

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  1. put it back in the jungle you fucking idiot. they better not hurt or kill the tiger for what it did. what would you do if you were the tiger? you'd be thinking, "what the fuck are you doing to me? put me back where i belong!" if you want to be an entertainer, do it with your own life or with those who volunteer. leave animals alone.
  2. White tigers have almost gone extinct in the jungle, you fucking idiot!

    Siegfried and Roy have helped the white tiger race to survive.

    If I were Roy, I'd make chop suey out of him and a nice fur-coat - who cares what some stupid animal thinks, anyway??
  3. if a species becomes extinct naturally, then so be it. dinosaurs are extinct, too. it may seem bad that they are not here anymore, but it was natural (caused by an unearthly object or not).

    keeping a species alive by keeping a few in a cage is cruel.
    stupid animal? we are animals.
  4. Here are a few things you should consider:

    White Tigers are not an endangered species but rather an inbred version of the Bengal tigers. Their sub-species is Panthera tigris.

    It requires two recessive genes to produce a white tiger, so a lot of inbreeding is done (father's mated with daughters, brothers with sisters, etc).

    The white tiger is also more volatile than other tigers and is prone to attack their trainer with the slightest provocation.

    The tiger that attacked Roy was a nine years old and it was the tiger's first time on stage. It bit Roy on the arm and then Roy started to beat it in the head furiously with his microphone. At this time, the 500+ pound tiger decided it had enough of the whole show and lunged instinctively at Roy's throat and proceeded to drag his doll-like body off stage and behind a curtain.

    A lot of people in the audience thought it was part of the show -- scary stuff.

    From what I have read, Roy has been working with white tigers for 30 years. I believe white tigers originated from the white tiger known as "Mohan" in the 1950's.

    The tiger will probably be euthanized and then tested for rabies.

    I wonder how many lawsuits the Mirage is going to get from this.
  5. A white tiger fur coat? I wonder how much that would sell for on the black market (no pun intended).
  6. doubtful they will euthanize a tiger for being a tiger.....animal rights activist would have a field day!!!

    who is going to sue the mirage???? the only person hurt was roy...and it was his animal....
  7. however it was created, tigers (the species) are not meant to do tricks a human tells it to and live in a cage.

    i want aliens to abduct that entertainer, bring him back to their home and use him as nothing but a circus act. and when he's not on stage, they should keep him in a cage. maybe he'll become enraged and attack the alien like the tiger did to him. what an assole he is. as i said before, he should do his tricks without animals as props.
  8. How many tigers are there in the wild in Africa?
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    I'm pretty sure most tigers are in Asia not Africa. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think there are any tigers in Africa.

  10. I would imagine for starters a lot of the families in the front row who were 10-20 feet away from all of it while it happened. I'm sure someone is going to sue the Mirage for psychological trauma to them and/or their children.
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