AspenGraphic Users ?

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  1. Are there any AspenGraphic users on this board ?

    I'm considering using this charting software for some specific tools that they offer and I would like to know if anyone has had experience with them.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. Tom Demark's studys and Cynthia Kases statistical studys look interesting.
  4. I used to support this product for several traders. From the support side, this was a shabby product, very unstable. Aspen's staff, while nice, were largely ineffective. Support nightmare. Maybe the retail version is better.

    Also, the non-windows style interface requires you to learn their highly unintuitive command structure, at no added benefit to the user.

    my $ 0.02
  5. How long ago was that?

    Have they improved on the reliabilty?
  6. I supported Aspen for about a year and a half before leaving that job almost a year ago. It would not surprise me if they have changed their interface to windows style in the interim. It also wouldn't surprise me if they have a retail version of the software that runs much better.

    Most of the problems we encountered were related to the Aspen server software maintained on our side, but for individual users you probably don't cache data locally, unless it's a TS6 globalserver type of setup. Aspen server software was extremely unstable.

    The only reason we used Aspen was because of its ability to import and chart proprietary data, and it's bargain price relative to CQG.

    If you're not maintaining a server, Aspen may be fine. Personally though, after supporting at least 200 different trading/charting products, Aspen would be near the bottom of my list. The non-windows interface was difficult, and added no value. If they've changed this though, it could be a fine product.
  7. So what would be near the top of your list?
  8. I'm definitely not an expert. I was primarily supporting, networking and rolling out these applications, not using them. Also, most of them were proprietary and/or institutional syndicated platforms like Tradeweb or Brokertec, or broker-dealer related. In other cases, I know the name and network structure of apps, and nothing more.

    From a support perspective, CQG, Bridgestation, Reuters 2000, and Fenics were excellent and very popular on the floor. Tibco Marketsheet was stable, but antiquated in it's use of "tib++" script. Reuters Cobra was in queue for a major rollout when I left. Globex and A/C/E, you get the picture. Traders were unanimously hot for Bloomberg, but it costs a fortune and their security procedures are tougher than fort knox when it comes to moving traders from seat to seat. Unfortunately, I have zero experience with just about all of the retail charting products like jtrader, esignal, qcharts, etc. I also find I have to struggle to remember the details of what I did in my former life as a market data support person. ...but Aspen stands out as a pain in the ass!

    Personally, I work with Tradestation and IB right now and find them both extremely functional. I would like to try Wealth-Lab and Esignal in the future. I'm also interested in your suggestions.

    Looking at Aspen's site, it appears they have migrated to a windows style interface since I last saw it. Their advantage seems to be the variety of analysis techniques included.
  9. Variety of analysis at a lower cost than CQG is important but I am not interested in having to call the support desk every week.

    I wonder if Aspen's software is stable and reliable.
  10. Regarding CQG, I have used it and it is indeed a very good (and easy to use) product.
    Regarding DeMark, I remember that Tom DeMark's studies were available on my Bloomberg. I found them totally useless.
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