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  2. fer chrissakes, don't these people have jobs
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    "Thousands of Islamists Reportedly Shout at the ‘Ape’ Obama..."

    Bunch of racists. :)
  4. Some issues are easily solved by targeted missile strikes.
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    Unemployed young men--every society's challenge.
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    Others require a tactical nuke just to make sure we get all the Osamas.
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    Obviously they just need to tax the rich, redistribute the wealth, increase the size of government and spend trillions they don't have on things they don't need.

    Problem solved.
  8. Labor


    What do you people expect

    You go with drones into their country and kill their children while they are sleeping in their homes.

    And you suddenly, yes quite suddenly, got a whole population of Tunisia that hates your guts

    What speaks the loudest is the fact that no one posted this until I came along. I think USA is finished in the long run. Handful of Americans are capable of objective thinking at this point.

    There is no way country can have a bright future when citizens are blatant morons
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    The American short-term attention span syndrome
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