Discussion in 'Trading' started by Toonces, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Toonces


    Going crazy! :p
  2. maxpi


    Big increase in revenues for 04. Not too hard to interpret the news but usually the aquiring company takes a hit in it's issue price, this time the aquiring company issue went up. Very nice, esp if you got there in the first minute, it opened only 4% above it's previous high.
  3. Toonces


    Woo Hoo! :D
  4. doji


    I shorted it at 28, I have some unresolved issues with them.

  5. ==========

    Might have a bit of resistance @ $28- 30 area;
    but strong technicals & fundamentals including excellant website.:cool: !

    Some players dont like that high price/earnings ratio;
    many more including William O. Neill of IBD dont pay much attention to that.
  6. So, is this the Freudian anti-paternal setup?
  7. Personaly like Martha Stewart & her writing style;
    but that happens with a semiliquid micro cap stock $17 peak today down to $10.89

    ASKJ has many times the daily volume , + market cap compared to MSO;
    helps at selling time.:cool: