Asking Obama if he knows football is... you guessed it RACIST!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Hello


    Any thought that remained that democrats might be people who should be taken seriously just got completely thrown out the window. Now apparently it is racist to ask Obama if he follows football. How these idiots can take themselves seriously is beyond me. Also it was racist for O'Reilly to say to Obama "Your a basketball guy" which is common knowledge among just about everyone who follows politics. Maher is a fucking tool, he is the same guy who said he wanted a "real black president" a guy with a gun in his hip, accusing someone of racism for asking Obama if he follows football. Liberals have no shame.

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  2. Lucrum


    Who TF would take a liberal seriously?
    ...or much in the way of intellectual honesty, objectivity or pragmatism.
  3. I knew liberals were insane when they called everyone who didnt vote for Obama a racist.
  4. 377OHMS


    Maher. Stewart. Colbert. All comedians. Not really the place most normal people look for their news.
  5. pspr


    Maher may not be an asshole in real life but he plays one on TV.

    On second thought, he is probably an asshole in real life, too.
  6. Hello


    Its actually surprising how many liberals use these guys as a legitimate news source, i guess thats why there views on everything is such a joke.
  7. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    ive said it before and ill say it again - stewart and colbert are funny.

    maher is a jackass and his humor, if there is really any, is subhuman and substandard.
  8. Before FOX starts spitting outside the tent, perhaps it ought to look inward first. Starting with, say, their very own Glenn Beck, who, oddly enough, doesn't even consider himself to be a comedian.

    Perhaps Glenn would be a good place for them to start investigating the matter of journalistic integrity. That they are deaf to Beck's ongoing insults to intelligence under their very own roof says as much about them as it says about Beck.
  9. Hello


    I think Beck is a horses ass too, but that doesnt make Maher, and the panel of dipshits he had on his program any less stupid.

  10. Eight


    Who cares what Obama follows, the moron can't even find his birth certificate and he's supposed to be a Constitutional Lawyer... LOL
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