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    I've been trading for a few years, day-trading futures. I would be very grateful if anyone could give some useful comments to help me achieve success.

    First, I don't want to mislead you so... I do have a fair bit of knowledge, and know most if not all the requirements for making money. For various reasons, however, I seem to fall far short of my ability. I can't solve set-up issues with money, so I must grin and bear it and do my best anyway.

    I'm trading the FTSE with 1 contract (small account size). Here's an image of the entries I made yesterday. I feel it shows good ability and focus.

    Finally, I hope this thread doesn't attract abusive posts or people trying to laugh at my expence. That's not what I would do to others. If you are not interested here, please just move on to other positive things.

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  2. Are you looking for a rule based method you could auto trade or something more discreationary?

    CajunSniper / Administrator-Trader
  3. You are in for a lashing! What's with all the excuses? I will let the peanut gallery fininsh it off.
  4. Maybe you should explain what yu are trying to do. In gneneral, I think 10-20 trades a day are too much unless you can demonstrate through valid backtesting that you can make money that way. If you are a discretionary trader, I think you are better off looking for 3-4 good setups a day.
  5. Do you expect people not to laugh at that? I am bouncing between the states of total disbelief and hysteria.
  6. Actually the 'bad chair' excuse points out a very good point. you obviously have emotional or mental issues that are holding you back.

    you need a mentor or coach to help you focus on your mind on the trading rules and stick to them.

    master the mental part and the success will come.
  7. issues: overtrading... way too much of size... adding to losers & the most important of all: FIGHTING the market.

    solution: Never Fight the MARKET.
  8. Thread original request translated:

    I've been trading for a little while and thought I'd be profitable by now, please someone spoon-feed me a profitable method for trading even though I will really not change my mentality due to the fact that I really know quite a bit and really can't believe I'm wrong so much.

    Answer to original request:

    Only way to make it is to keep rolling that rock up the hill. Read some more on your own, constantly acquiring knowledge is fundamental to success in this profession. Hopefully you're sufficiently funded and have the basic essentials of the non-trading elements that are required already mastered.

    You really don't think anyone here that is successful is going to spell anything out simply for you? In other words nobody's going to give up the rock to you.

    (Besides, very few here are as profitable as it takes to make it. Remember, right now the Bull is running, just give it some time. Amongst all that cream there are plenty of bodies that are going to rise to the top as well.)

    You're going to have to make it the old fashioned way my man, EARN IT! Each and every last frickn' penny of it!
  9. I believe this post is by a troll designed so the peanut gallery can reply back in choice form.

    I love the entertainment value.
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    answer to your question is in yourself
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