Asking for some serious help guys.

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Hey Don, PM me. I know a really good trader with a professional poker background. has a BS in statistics from UMich and a PhD in econ-math from Columbia. Very bright guy.

    Most of his market analysis he says goes right over my head to be honest. I'm sure he'd be willing to talk to you on the phone for a few minutes. Being quotes in one of your articles would be great experience
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  2. Quite possibly, send PM.


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  3. Sure, send PM, thanks.

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  4. NoDoji


    Don, all I can offer is a working title:

    For Crying Out Loud: How the Market Emerged From the Pits and Traveled Into Cyberspace


    All the best on your project!
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  5. You know Blair Hull? Does anyone related to his algo company or him work with your firm?
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  6. We go back to the old days, yes. Will be chatting with him soon. He has discussed people trading with us, not sure at this point in time.

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