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  1. OK, many of you know me, either from personal interaction or from my participation here on ET. I have been very fortunate in my life, and yet I feel very nostalgic at times. I remember the "good old days" from the trading floors, the people I knew and know. I am putting together some interviews to put into my magazine (stocks and commodities), and eventually into a book.

    I have quite a colorful history to draw upon, no doubt about that. I have friend from the old days that I have just now asked for interviews. I'm pretty sure they will work with me, but I want to also list others, perhaps people YOU guys have worked with who might fit into this category.

    My working title is:
    Working Title: A Few Guys from the Trading Floor. Following the careers of a few of the most successful independent traders to come from exchange trading floors. From Blackjack card counters to multi-millionaire icons in the trading industry.

    (oops, didn't mean to post yet).. Oh well.

    I am including Blair Hull who was a blackjack player, friend, and business associate in the 70's and 80's. Sold his company to GS for about $500mil.

    Also, another smart guy, John Olagues.

    Another blackjack player and close friend, Eddie Franco will not get by without some input, LOL. My brother's initial partner in BT, and a long time friend and mentor from blackjack to options.

    Not a "glamour press" type of thing, more of a chronicle of what it was like from 1975 to current day. I want to bring in the advances of technology, and how they affect trading...and how many things stay the same, regardless.

    While we're all alive and kicking, LOL

    Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

    Help me out...


    I plan on speaking with Ron Shear. Although not a trading floor friend, another industry icon.
  2. BARON, I want to enlist your help with this too. Your site, and your insight has been well received in the trading arena. Send me an email, I want to interview you too, my friend.

  3. Nothing? 62 views on a Saturday and no one has ideas, come on guys.

    Just kidding, I realize that many of you have lives, I'm just stuck at home today, LOL. Always trying to keep busy, and I love writing.

    Don :)
  4. Don...

    This will be a great article and let me know when it prints and I will go get a copy of Stocks and Commodities mag...

    Shall we nickname you...Don Schwager?

    The fellah's I know are rather secretive (eccentric) and do not give interviews as far as I know.

    I am more interested in your input far as how technology has affected trading. It will be a good read, I'm sure.

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    Better, IMHO, would be:
    Voices from the Trading Floor

    Caveat: Have no idea if already in use.
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    You're probably familiar with the book Fortune's Formula by Poundstone -- I thought it was great. Ed Thorp is one of the most significant characters in that book and has quite an interesting story incorporating both casino games and trading. The Renaissance Technology founders also had connections to both games and trading.

    Whoever's stories you incorporate, I look forward to reading it. You and your brother have a very interesting story that could probably fill a book, just by itself.
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    I don't think these two are as linked to Vegas-style gambling, but they are stories that cover some major changes in trading over the years:

    Thomas Peterrfy has been active for the entire period you mention, and had a lot of ties to the technology aspect and the changes that took place.

    You could cover the 90's daytrading boom, going into Steve Schonfeld's story (and similar ones; I'm sure you've got many to choose from).
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    Don use to sell boating equipment. It's true, ask him. :)
  9. Ed Thorpe, in a way, was one of the founders of the "Bright Trading Empire" (as Maverick puts it, LOL). And later, the family "bible" was, and still is kept in a private place, Lawrence Revere's "Playing Blackjack as a Business." Good input, thanks.

  10. I like it, maybe a chapter title for sure. if not more. Thanks.

    Keep stuff coming guys, and PM with names and contact info of anyone you think might be good to include.

    And ES, many "eccentric" guys will open up for a fellow trader, PM me any names.

    Thanks, keep things coming...

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