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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by drcha, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Help, techies!

    I just bought a Brother scanner. It scans things nicely to jpg files. I can paste them into Word files, or import them into Word.

    My problem is what to do with multipage files. Mostly, I am scanning contracts, which are two to five pages of text.

    Let's just say for a moment I'm dealing with a two-page file. When I scan it, I end up with two jpg files. When I open them, each appears to contain both pages. But when I try to e-mail one of them, only one page is sent. (If I email the other one, the other page is sent.)

    I'm happy to copy them into Word, but am wondering if there is a way to copy both pages at once, instead of having to do each one individually.

  2. My Canon color printer/scanner comes with the driver and app software and scans the pictures into PDF files. PDF file format is probably the best for sending in e-mail. It can contain multiple pages. JPG and PNG image file formats are only single page.

    You can either send multiple JPG files in your e-mail, or get some utility converters to convert from JPG into a single PDF file then send the PDF file.
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    I like the pdf idea. I have pdf995 and pdfill, but both of them still only pick up a single page from the jpg file. I think I need a way to easily make the two pages into one file.