Asking a show-off for proof

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by SpotTrader, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Need your help, ET pros ...

    (this is for use in another forum in another country, so nobody need worry here) :)

    Is it OK/rude/offensive to ask a show-off for proof of his trading claims? And even if he agrees how would he get around the identity factor? And how would we know the posted results are actually his?

    I've noticed he hammers any new traders that attempt to call trades or market moves and insults and shoots them down quickly. In essence he has taken over the forum.

    He has never called a single trade from start to finish, just bellows out abstruse concepts that nobody understands.

    I really have no experience with this sort of thing,

    please advise


  2. maxpi


    He's nothing but a Troll. Put him on ignore and don't let newbs quote him and he will be there trying to ruin things all day every day with nobody even aware that he is there...
  3. Making "calls" is NOT trading, perhaps this "show off" fellow is actually helping you to see that, in a harsh way perhaps.
  4. Pekelo


    Come on man! You wasted your once a year post on this shit?
  5. sounds like jack hershey has been busy. :D

    the best advice you'll get? ... just tell'em to fuck off, that should do the trick. :cool:
  6. Yeah I'm tired of the OP too. Since 2005, it's been nothing but blab blab blab from the guy! :D
  7. unsubstaniated claims and confusing rhetoric is the stock in trade of these assclowns. see Jack Hershey and Proflogic for examples of this type on elite trader.
  8. maxpi


    Brilliant !! I'm guessing they are both laughing all the way to the bank...
  9. LOL! My thoughts exactly!
  10. ammo


    find his address from his ip and put it on the site, that way all his new freinds can go visit
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