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  2. Kind of like race car drivers and car salesmen. -- I can't imagine one or the other would crossover to the other side.
    For the most part, everyone and every piece of the society puzzle kind of naturally falls into place in their own.

    The key to this collective finding your ideal place, because that's where you can fruitfully flourish.

    Make Trading Great Again 2018...High-Five`o_O
    Trading is like a drama movie, psychological thriller, chess game, college lecture, sex, etc etc
    Have initial directional convictions, but a malleable, dynamic mind still -- think like a dental floss and rubber band, filigree and a pillar, a Puma rubber shoe and a leather dress shoe

    Don't let the size of your trading account and performance (or lack thereof) be an extension of your penis and life confidence, ET extraterrestrial
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    This gentleman has an outstanding pedigree and offers actionable information gratis. I'm noticing a trend here...
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    So you have been selling a hugely profitable system since 1996 and over 20 years later you are still having trouble finding new customers? Humm...what else from the mid 90s does this remind me of?

    Have you considered late night infomercials?
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    This is important to remember. A vendor should be a starting point. Even if the system is profitable today, it may not be in the future. Rob Carver/GAT for example, is offering a straight forward trend following system but I'm guessing there are at least a few details that he keeps close to his vest. And I don't fault him for it.
    There's some middle ground between skepticism and gullibility. I suppose through backtesting and prudence, each person finds their way.
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    Ideally a trader could come up with a novel strategy and trade it into the ground. The rest of us are relegated to looking at academic papers, forums, books, blogs etc. Hard work is important but damn, talent helps a lot!
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    This is exactly what I meant when I mentioned it reeks of a sort of reversed prop-firm idea, in some long-deleted thread.

    *heavy sigh*
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    And when it comes down to it GAT isn't even selling something black-box. He's selling a book for people to learn techniques from, not an opaque money printing machine.
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    Exactly. And he makes no guarantees about the future. Actually, he states flatly that returns cannot be predicted.
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