Asking a favor from Baron, Ignore whole Threads

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by themickey, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. jl1575


    People, relax.
    You won't have problem if you don't take anyone's posting at ET too serious. You won't have problem if you don't need to get everyone else to agree with yours.
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  2. ET180


    Sounds like you're not having a very good experience here. If your system is so profitable and you are making so much money, why do you need to put up with this garbage? Just trade the system yourself or sell it to Goldman or hedge fund and spend your life doing more interesting things like salsa dancing. Btw, salsa dancing doesn't need to be capitalized.
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  3. schweiz


    Are you naive or making a joke?

    Let me guess: he made a hell of sales, and every trader on ET is making millions every year.

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  4. Gambit


    Neither. Just trying to provoke some thought. I'd be shocked if he made some sales. I've never seen a vendor get such a negative response on this site. A lot of people here are trying to give this guy a gentle nudge.

    With such a negative reception, why continue paying for sponsorship?
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  5. i960


    The problem here is that while there may be differing classes of posters (admins, sponsors, general users) each class is supposed to be held to a higher standard of behavior. I have no issue whatsoever with sponsors debating/arguing with non-sponsor users - that's healthy and expected. I do have an issue with sponsors acting like total trolls and for the past history of this site that hasn't really been a significant issue until now.
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  6. i960


    The "last word" of course. He of course completely forgets about the fact that any potential customers will do their due diligence and potentially factor that in their decisions to do business with him.
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  7. oopsies


    I'm new here. If this is what's happening at ET, then I'm not surprised. :)
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  8. themickey


    What you are saying is, if someone is a pain, we should turn the other cheek and contribute our wisdom to them. This perhaps is my point, members who are irritating become a disincentive for productive discussion, rather it incourages flaming wars.
    Do you recall the 'surf report journal'? I don't believe there was a lot of valuable content posted by members on that journal (other than how not to trade), it became a big fiasco in terms of value for ET regarding being constructive, other than the gazzillion posts.
    Perhaps in our ET settings, there is an option tick box which allows a choice to block out a whole threads started by an ignored person.
    Or maybe, better still, have a 'disapprove' icon when someone posts unsociable content, it becomes a type of smack of the ego when one begins to cop a few of these.
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  9. oopsies


    This is easily abused... :/
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  10. Overnight


    Yes, that!

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